Billet Wheel Mounting

Reverse Billet Wheel Mounting

Most multi piece forged billet wheels with deep dish (lip) are reverse mount styles. A reverse style wheel must typically be mounted and dismounted from the back side, opposite of the face. The auto technician performing the work must recognize the reverse mount design, and carefully secure the wheel on the proper tire mounting machine. In most cases the wheel is carefully placed facing downwards to help the tire beads drop in the drop center of the reverse billet wheel.

Reverse Billet Wheel MountingReverse Billet Wheel Mounting


If the auto technician fails to mount or dismount the reverse billet wheels properly the tire machine might rip or tear the rubber casing on the tire and cause permanent damage to the custom billet wheel.

Automotive technicians must be experienced when it comes to mounting or dismounting all custom wheels. It is vital to use the proper tire changer and lubrication to avoid injury to one’s self and damages to the custom wheels and tires.

Reverse Billet Wheel MountingReverse Billet Wheel Mounting