How To Polish Aluminum Forged Billet Wheels

How to Hand Polish Aluminum Forged Billet Wheels

Here again, you have to pick the wheel polish based on what the surface of the wheel is. A clear coated alloy wheel requires a less aggressive polish than a bare aluminum alloy wheel. This guide is intended for bare aluminum wheels. Note: You can tell if there is a coating on aluminum by applying a little polish in an inconspicuous spot. As you rub, if no black residue appears, there is a coating over the aluminum. Aluminum oxide comes off as a black residue if you’re working on uncoated aluminum. If you think they may be clear coated, see our guide entitled.

Make sure your forged billet wheel is clean, dry and cool before starting to polish. Follow steps 1-5 “easy steps on cleaning your forged billet wheels.

First, you will need a microfiber towel and the aluminum metal polish of your choice.

  • 1- Apply the aluminum polish one wheel at a time, rubbing a dab of polish on a small portion of the wheel until a black residue appears (rubbing lightly back and forth avoid using a circular pattern).
  • 2- Avoid letting the black residue dry, using the clean part of the microfiber towel buff out the black residue.
  • 3- Add more polish as you move to another section, repeat the previous steps until finished.
  • 4- Use a soft, clean microfiber towel to wipe the wheel clean of any black residue left behind on your billet wheels.
  • 5- Repeat on the rest of your forged billet wheels.

How to Hand Polish Aluminum Forged Billet WheelsHow to Hand Polish Aluminum Forged Billet Wheels