Wheel Finishing

Wheel Finishes


Our custom Pro Billet Wheels are available in any finish that you desire. Standard finishes are at no extra cost and specialty finishes are also offered for an additional price. These finishes can be applied to the wheel center, the outer lip, and the center cap which allows you to create your own custom one of a kind wheel. You also have the freedom to decide whether you’d like a gloss, satin, or matte finish which adds to the uniqueness to your wheel. Anything is possible; contact us with any more questions regarding finishes and prices

What Is Polished Aluminum?

A polished aluminum wheel finish is a rich mirrored finish (like chrome) on a aluminum surface. A polished billet aluminum wheel is physically hand buffed and shined to a mirrord finish.

Steps To Polish Aluminum Wheels.

1. Sand the aluminum billet wheels starting with a coarse sanding wheel or paper. Continue sanding the wheels while gradualy increasing the grit size of the sand paper or sanding wheel until you remove all the marks from the previous grit sizes.

2. Once the aluminum wheel is smooth and free of all grit lines the wheel is buffed using a buffing wheel or pad with a combination of metal polish at a high rpm.

3. The wheel is finished off with a clean micro fiber towel to wipe off any excessive metal polish.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process of applying dry powder to the surface of your billet wheels. First coating is applied electro statically and then it is placed under heat to cure and form a thin layer on top of the aluminum. The powder itself is a thermoplastic or a thermo set polymer, which creates a hard finish. This finish is stronger than your average paint which ensures that the surface won’t chip or peel quickly. The main difference between regular paint and powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and the filler parts in liquid suspension form. A powder-coated surface is typically a flawless finish with a rougher texture, and brings a unique and customized look for your car. With quality finishes, meticulous preparation, and work, our powder coating.

Steps to Powder Coat

1. Hand Prep

The first step to achieving a high end looking finish, would be to sand each wheel by hand. Then follow up with deburring the wheel. Wheels that are receiving a brushed finish must go through an even longer sanding process. This process easily can take up to five hours each, which produces an even, clean surface throughout the wheel.

2. Brushing and Polishing

The second step will be the most time consuming but it is one of the most important parts of the process. This step would be brushing and polishing. Brushed wheels help accentuate the beauty in the forged aluminum as compared to the polishing which leaves behind a mirror like finish. Brushing and polishing can also be mixed if that is desired by the owner.

3. Pre-Treatment

After prepping the wheels, they undergo a cleaning process to remove any impurities before the powder is added. This process results in a strog and smooth surface finish once the powder has cured and set.

4. Powder Coating

Our powder coating facility is trained specifically for the proper handling of wheels and our workers are trained to utilize the highest quality powders which produce a clean uniform surface area.