Performance Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

Many consumers choose billet wheels to enhance their vehicles appearance; there are equally important benefits to be derived. Here are a few advantages and benefits of Pro billet wheels.

1. Aesthetics

Pro Wheels look far more exotic than others. This is due to a more complex manufacturing procedure and custom design process to create the best billet wheels. Your vehicle will impressively stand out from the rest and moreover, increase its value. A wide variety of vibrant colors, high luster polish and metallic powder coated finishes are available to compliment your luxury sport vehicle.

2. Performance

Depending on their size, Pro billet Wheels tend to be lighter than your OEM wheels, less weight means quicker acceleration and faster stopping. Less weight also means less strain on your suspension.

3. Increased Brake Cooling

Billet wheels are excellent conductors of heat, improving heat dissipation from the brakes, therefore reducing the chances of warping your rotors or crystallizing your brake pads.

4. Custom Fitments

Forged billet wheels are usually made to order and can be made to accommodate all of your custom vehicles needs, whether it’s fitting a set of billet wheels on your wide body fenders or clearing the brake calipers on your upgraded brake kit.