A quick guide on technical information for custom forged billet wheels. learn how to measure back space, offset, bolt pattern, custom finishes, mount tires on forged billet wheels and more.

Bolt Patterns

Bolt PatternBolt Pattern

Center Bore

Center BoreCenter Bore






Lug Nuts And Lug Bolts

Lug Nuts And Lug BoltsLug Nuts And Lug Bolts

Wheel Lug Torquing

Wheel Lug TorquingWheel Lug Torquing

Performance And Benefits

Performance And Benefits - Pro Billet WheelsPerformance And Benefits - Pro Billet Wheels


Wheel Finishing

Wheel FinishingWheel Finishing

Billet Wheel Mounting

Billet Wheel MountingBillet Wheel Mounting

What Is a Forged Billet Wheel?

What Is a Forged Billet Wheel?What Is a Forged Billet Wheel?


Wheel Installation Guide

Wheel Installation GuideWheel Installation Guide

Stud Clip Removal

Stud Clip RemovalStud Clip Removal

Tire Information

Tire InformationTire Information