Lug Nuts and Lug Bolts

Proper Lug Nuts or Lug Bolts

In order to match your lug nuts or bolts to your new custom forged billet wheels, ensure:

1. Fastener Seat

There are 3 basic type fastener seats;

1. Conical Seat – cone shape

2. Spherical Seat – round or ball shape

3. Flat Washer – commonly known as Mag Type

Proper Lug Nuts or Lug BoltsProper Lug Nuts or Lug Bolts

2. Thread Size

1. 12mm X 1.25

2. 12mm X 1.5

3. 12mm X 1.75

4. 14mm X 1.5

5. 14mm X 2.0

6. 7/16″ X 20

7. 1/2″ X 20

8. 9/16″ X 18

3. Torquing

This is also very important, to learn how to properly torque your nuts or bolts please read through our wheel tech information on torquing

Note: It is very important to keep a spare set of your vehicles original lug nuts or bolts just in case your vehicles spare must be installed with the original hardware